“The Rebirth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Chester”


The original thread took a year and a half off.  Largely, neglect caused by life stuff (and Skyrim was no help).  I am resurrecting the house in a new thread on the Something Awful forums, which can be visited here:


I can understand folks don’t like the paywall which is how they end up here to read the house’s progress, but you’ll miss out on the ongoing dialogue in the SA thread, which can sometimes prove more interesting than the updates.

Facebook is dead and not likely to return because of their new ‘prove your identity by identifying your “friends”‘ security hurdle.  Fuck that.  Three of Chester’s ‘friends’ showed up with anime girl avatars anyway.

Update: Chester has Twitter going!  @ChesterNietzche


* Old OP for BGaE *


I think most folks here don’t require an explanation of what The Sims franchise is, much like folks don’t really require a debriefing on the concept of ‘voicemail’ for their phones.

This weblog is an in-progress archive of a screenshot journal of a household as it is run in the computer video game, The Sims 3. Every major expansion pack is represented, and with the exception of a user-created 1975 Volkswagen Golf vehicle, the game is being run in a vanilla, unmodded state.

The story is unwinding primarily in the forums of the Something Awful website, at the following link:  http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3424713  The thread is still worth visiting because the forum member discussion has had great influence on some of the direction the house has taken, and the updates contain some references to goings on in the thread that may not make sense without the context.  Plus, I consider the controversy stirred up by one of the character’s names early in the project’s development to be a hilarious distraction on its own and it should not be missed.

Contributions are credited to the handles of the SA forum members that provided them.

(credit: 100 HOGS AGREE)

Friend him!  Chester checks Facebook at least once a day, and snipes frequently.  Just so you know what you’re getting into.


Q: – Who made those fly-assed header and subject graphics, because we know it wasn’t your untalented ass?

A: – That would be Pizzatime!  He’s making his big red title count.

Q: – What is with ‘nasza-klasa.pl’ on Chester’s computer?  Isn’t that some Polish equivalent of like, classmates.com? Are you Polish?  Are you a dirty fuckin polack?!  No, wait… are you sponsored?  ARE YOU ON SOME KIND OF PAYROLL WITH POLACK EA DATING SITES YOU FUCKING WHORE?!

A: – The sponge thing computer skin is a free download off of EA’s online store.  I had no idea it shilled a Polish social connection site. I have no idea at all what a sponge theme suspiciously reminiscent of Spongebob Squarepants would have to do with Polish school alumni trying to reunite with old classmates.  It’s generated enough little tidepools of controversy at this point that there’s no way I’m taking it out of the game, but an update to the OP seems called for.   Oh, and I do this completely for free.  And I’m an American citizen, living in Oregon.  I’m not a whore, I’m just a slut.  In Oregon.

Q: – Wait the header says ‘frequently asked question’, one question, now there’s like three

A: – Oh well.

(credit v-unit)  … motherfuck

(credit Gardias)

(credit a dog)

(credit iTrust)

(credit minibeasts) … wow.

(credit Haddas)

(credit GruntyThrst) I’m at a loss.

Video Game crossover madness!
Not content to spoil only the vision set forth by the Maxis developers, other goons have helped spread the dystopic ruination of intended game play style to other games!

(credit Rollyzoid) Chester, imagined in the Saints Row 3 character builder.

(credit GruntyThrst) Buck, also put through SR3zing.

From the seething, glossy genitals of City of Heroes / City of Villains we have (credit Kheldarn, including the captions):

Chester: Invulnerability/Street Justice Tanker

He has to be Invulnerable to eat his own cooking and not be bothered by it. And Street Justice, because we’ve seen him deliver justice on the streets when he was slapping that one guy around.

Faggot: Radiation Blast/Devices Blaster

I figure that his time swimming in green stuff probably irradiated him. And since he’s the only one who seems to be able to fix anything on a regular basis, Devices lets him tinker.

Buck: Mind Control/Poison Controller

He controls the minds of the ladies, gets what he wants, then leaves them, poisoning their hearts towards men. Another option is Mind Control/Electricity Assault Dominator, dominating the minds of the women, then sharing that spark. Or something like that.


(credit Zoe)